Traction Avant Motors was born in 1980, but conceived many years before this date. A boyhood dream of owner Stephen Le Roux.

Introduced to Citroen viz. the Citroen Light 15 at an early age, he enjoyed the marvels of this vehicle and lived it's excitement through a spinster Aunt, Who drove it like a Formula 1 fanatic. The car responded as if in tune with it's driver and a young boy was lost forever to the magic of these marvellous cars !!!

As newer models appeared so Stephen assimilated them into his life, studied them, stripped them down, built them up and drove them with pride.

Today Traction Avant Motors still has this proud tradition and the Citroen Owner can be assured of assistance, be it a car to buy or sell, spares required or repairs to be done. We can happily say we have the largest Citroen establishment in South Africa. Our workshops are always busy and in 21 years we have not had a slack day without work.

We have tackled many interesting restoration projects during this time and have accumulated a vast knowledge of the Marque Citroen. At our premises in Walkerville ( about 35 KM or 22 Miles from Johannesburg ) we have several very interesting models and are always happy to give visitors a guided tour.

Today we have expanded to the point where Stephen is mainly involved in sales, and the workshops run by a qualified Citroen mechanic and several loyal staff members. However Stephen still take an active role and maintains his love for the Citroen motor car.

Viva Citroen !!!!!